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Available Space

2A5,675 SF2 Drive-Ins40% Office$7,793.67ImmediatelyVIEW
3F3,186 SF2 Drive-Ins30% Office$4,441.82ImmediatelyVIEW
7E3,114 SF2 Drive-Ins30% Office$4,341.44November 1, 2020VIEW
9G2,932 SF2 Drive-Ins50% Office$4,087.70December 1, 2020VIEW
9I1,459 SF1 Drive-In75% Office$2,186.07ImmediatelyVIEW
10I1,622 SF1 Drive-In75% Office$2,362.71ImmediatelyVIEW
10K3,240 SF2 Drive-Ins75% Office$4,652.10January 1, 2021VIEW
16K3,604 SF1 Drive-In90% Office$5,099.66ImmediatelyVIEW
5I676 SFN/A100% Office$1,041.14ImmediatelyVIEW
7D860 SFN/A100% Office$1,288.57November 1, 2020VIEW
13M813 SFN/A100% Office$1,184.27ImmediatelyVIEW
11M691 SFN/A100% Office$1,064.14ImmediatelyVIEW
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Dry Creek Business Park

Dry Creek Business Park

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